Gib lining, Stairs and Other Progress

So much has happened over recent weeks that I need to do a big catch up post that will not include any passive house specific information.

The Gib installers and stoppers have been in and have lined the internal walls:

Gib has been placed horizontally. In some places it is brace line, aqualine or other specialised Gib. Windows and doors and other apertures are cut from the Gib with no joins below or above so that the bracing element of the Gib is retained. This is something the people of Christchurch learned the hard way following our series of earthquakes so we are all acutely aware of the importance of correct Gib installation!

The Gib is both glued and screwed in place, but as the sheets are so huge (7m long in some places) and the amount of insulation inside can have a pressure effect to push the Gib away from the wall, the Gib fixers added extra nails along the battens to hold the panels in place. These can be seen on the image below. After a few days they were removed and left only a small hole that the stopper has filled:

The Gib installers did such a good job and were then followed by the stopper, who has blown us away with his level of finish.

The stairs also arrived and were installed:

The bottom step is a temporary step as the step and riser will be replaced at the very last minute with solid pieces of polished birch. The rest of the stairs will be carpeted. Now we have to make a decision on the balustrade, which will be steel, and is yet to be designed.

The showers have been formed by Drybase with drain channels at the rear. The tiler has been in to prep the surfaces of the bathrooms in anticipation of tiling.

Progress has been full steam on the outside too. Linea has been attached to almost all of the exterior, shingles meticulously installed on the gables, and soffits fitted and the verandah roof built.

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for such an incredible and informative blog – I hope the build is going well 🙂

  2. very cool post, some awesome progress being make there! 🙂

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