Long Overdue Update – Yes, we are in and loving it!

Mea culpa! I am so sorry for not providing updates earlier. We have moved in, settled in, got to grips with passive house living, but also had lots of stuff going on in our “real lives”. So that’s why there have been no updates for over 6 months.

We moved in last August, about 2 weeks after scheduled but that was because I had booked a holiday for the last few weeks of construction…! I hadn’t believed Guy when he told me we would be moving in at the end of July, but true to his word, he was ready. I wasn’t!

So I’ll make this a very brief post in terms of words and I’ll simply include photos taken in October by a real estate photographer and for use by us and the NZ Passive House Institute. A few things have changed since the photos – we have installed a louvertec roof over the west patio barbecue area – this is essential for shading of that crucial area of potential over heating, and was part of our original design and plan. We’ve also taken the plunge and ordered a battery for our solar panels. I’ll post more in the coming weeks about the solar system, the ventilation system, and what it is like actually living in a passive house. I’ll also write a “lessons learned” post which I hope readers find useful.

In the meantime, please enjoy the photos of the “finished article” – the fish eye lens distorts a little (personally I find it a bit nausea-inducing!) but at least you get to see the whole house.

The photo above shows the barbecue area which now has a wide louvered roof over it which provided much needed shade and respite from this summer’s extreme heat and sunshine. Up to date photo in a future post!

Kitchen, dining, living and lounge:

Downstairs guest suite (also has ensuite and small cooking area) which has its own private courtyard:


Stairs and hallway:

Master suite (also has walk in closet):

Sewing/yoga room:


Bathroom (has a shower too):

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